YA Saves Reading Challenge

As an off shoot of my MeMe YA Saves Sunday I thought a reading challenge would be a nice compliment.  This challenge is also co-hosted by the lovely Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile who has graciously volunteered to join this venture that I am hoping will change, if not mine or your life, but will change the way you view the world.

What is YA Saves Reading Challenge? & What Books Can You Read?

YA Saves Reading Challenge is a way to challenge yourself to read any Young Adult book that can be considered a YA Saves book.  What is a YA Saves book you may ask?  It is a book that tackles hard issues, in any genre (fantasy, contemporary, etc) as long as it is Young Adult.

You can go HERE and HERE for a list of YA Saves Books – this list is updated quite frequently.  REMEMBER, you don’t have to read books from either list, this is just a starting point.  But your books must be YA Saves.

Why Participate in this Challenge?

First, to have fun reading! Second, to gain more knowledge and understanding about real life issues that affect many people.

Prizes will be given out throughout the following year – so make sure you link up your reviews in the proper link (a separate page will be made soon).


You must read a minimum of 10 YA Saves Books throughout the year.  The more the better!!

How to Sign Up!!

Link up your Sign-Up Post or GoodReads Account below in the Linky.

**For Authors**

If you are an author that has written a Young Adult book that you consider a YA Saves book and you would like to donate your book(s), be included in this challenge, and/or featured as a YA Saves author please fill out this quick FORM or you can contact me at PatriciasParticularity@hotmail.com ((form preferred)).

* Monthly Focuses & Link Up Your Reviews *













~ Buttons ~

Copy & Paste the codes below these two wonderful buttons designed by Icey Designs

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