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About Patricia’s Particularity

Like many Book Blogs, Patricia’s Particularity was created to share the love of reading and books.  Since it first was created, in July  2010, it has gone through many different face lifts, focuses, successes (& failures), and adventures.  After much effort it has finally found its niche in Young Adult Literature and Children’s Books.

At first reviews posted on Patricia’s Particularity were more formal, believing that that was the way things were done.  However, it would quickly discovered that ‘personality’ and ‘personal’ were two keywords that every book blogger lives by.  Hence, reviews now are much more personal.

There are many different aspects to Patricia’s Particularity, in particular YA Saves Sunday and the YA Saves Reading Challenge.  While many reviews are on books of the paranormal and fantasy, it is a main goal of Patricia’s Particularity to focus on those ‘tough subject’ books that are constantly discussed/debated/and even challenged and banned.  That is not to say you cannot find a YA Saves Paranormal book.  You can find more features under the “Features” tab!

About Patricia

As you can guess from the name of this site, my name is Patricia!  I don’t have to tell you I LOVE to read and book – some would even say its an obsession.  There is nothing better in life than finding a book that you fall in love with, a book you can get lost in, and a book that you find a life-long connection to.    This “obsession” is clear to those that know me, even from an early age.

I went to college for both History and English Literature, with focuses on the Renaissance and Victorian Literature.  My love for reading was great I figured why not find a job in a place where I could be surrounded by books everyday: the Library.  But first I needed a Masters in Library Science… so I got one! However… library jobs in my town were scars, if non-existent.  So…. what is the next best thing? Teaching others to read and about literature.  A Teacher!  But… of course I had to go back to school for my Teaching Certificate… so that is where I am now.

When I’m not doing school work, or working as a Nanny knitting, I am Book Blogging, stalking other blogs, and reading.  I cannot tell you how much joy I have gotten out of starting Patricia’s Particularity – it has open up a new world I never knew existed, one full of acceptance, love, and respect.

For further information or questions you can contact me at


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