YA Saves Sunday

YA Saves Sunday is a meme created right here at Patricia’s Particularity in a reaction to the Wall Street Journal Article that was published on June 4, 2011. The goal is simple: to spread the word about YA novels that help readers understand ‘tough’ issues, to help readers feel not as alone, and to show the importance of such novels.

Topics Discussed (each topic is linked):

  • A New Meme!
  • Why or How has YA Lit saved you?
  • 9/11 Special
  • GLBT Characters and Featuring Novels
  • Banning Books
  • Finding Retreat in the Paranormal, Buffy Style
  • Finding Retreat in the Paranormal with Strong Leading Characters
  • Cheryl Rainfield Special
  • The Holidays
  • Banning Ethnic Books in High School
  • Sex
  • Teen Pregnancy – COMING 2/12
  • Paranormal Love – COMING 2/19
  • Is it Love? – COMING 2/26
  • Eating Disorders – COMING 3/4
  • Being a Woman – COMING 3/18
  • Being a Man – COMING 3/25

#YASaves on Twitter

After the infamous WSJ article was posted a new hashtag was created on twitter: #YASaves.  Since then things have never been the same.  I started to compile images of all the #YASaves tweets to share with readers.  #YASaves is the beginning of YA Saves Sunday.
  • For ALL #YASaves on Twitter Posts click here!

Other Relevant YA Saves Posts & Related Topics

  • My 2 Cents on YA Saves – my reaction to the June 2011 WSJ article
  • Cheryl Rainfield Guest Post – Cheryl shares her thoughts and reaction to the WSJ article
  • WSJ Does It Again – my reaction to the follow-up WSJ article
  • Stand Up Against Abuse – a fellow blogger focusing on Abuse through a giveaway
  • #YALitChat on Banned and Controversial Books – a Twitter recap of an important issue
  • #YALitChat on Banned and Controversial Books Con’t
  • Pointing Fingers Is Not Important – Look At The Bigger Picture – the importance of GLBT literature

YA Saves Book List – Bibliography

Click HERE my own version of a Mast List of YA Saves books


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