Mr. Badger and His Rose Petal Cake by Francesca Ariadne Harvey Lilley
Illustrated by John Watling
Publisher:  Chess Publications
Published:  April 4th 2011
Paperback, 24 pages
Reading Level: 4 and Up

 Mr. Badger and His Rose Petal Cake is a fast paced story featuring a busy badger who, whilst making a cake takes a bump to his head and imagines himself as a snail, pony, and lastly a frog. As the badger slithers, gallops and jumps through the countryside bewildered and confused, his friends try to help him, and bring him home to his set. (But can they rescue the badger? without waking the creature who sleeps, who must never be disturbed!) This beautifully illustrated book is a pleasure to read, with a exciting twist in the tail, and recipe for Rose Petal Cake at the end too.

Mr. Badger and His Rose Petal Cake is a fun adventurous book that any child would love. Mr. Badger lives in Dingley Dell, a place that is peaceful and quiet. That is, until one day Mr. Badger bumps his head and causes the peaceful balance to waver. After bumping his head Mr. Badger believes he is a snail, a horse and a frog. However, along the way the other residents of Dingley Dell help Mr. Badger return home to safety. Meanwhile, this wavering peaceful balance causes the towns’ monster to wake and stir until a faerie casts a spell to save the day.

Mr. Badger and His Rose Petal Cake almost has 3 plots going on at once: Mr. Badger is making a cake, getting help from his friends, and the towns’ monster awakes. For adults this is easy to understand; however, for children there might be too much going on at once for complete comprehension. However, readers are engaged by being asked questions and gorgeous drawings that are relateable to children as they look like crayon drawings.

There is even a nice surprise at the end – a recipe for for Rose Petal Cake, the same cake Mr. Badger makes!