Llama Llama Holiday drama by Anna Dewdney
Publisher:  Viking Juvenile
Published: September 1st 2009
Hardcover, 40 pages
Reading Level: 4 and Up

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Llama Llama holidays.

Jingle music. Lights ablaze.

How long till that special date?

Llama Llama has to wait.

If there’s one thing Llama Llama doesn’t like, it’s waiting. He and Mama Llama rush around, shopping for presents, baking cookies, decorating the tree . . . but how long is it until Christmas? Will it ever come? Finally, Llama Llama just can’t wait any more! It takes a cuddle from Mama Llama to remind him that “Gifts are nice, but there’s another: The true gift is, we have each other.”

Like so many children, Llama Llama cannot wait for Christmas to come!  But there is still a lot that needs to be done before Christmas Day.  The stockings must be unpacked, the cookies must be baked, the shopping must be done – – there is much to do but no matter what the time doesn’t go by faster!!  Poor Llama Llama, so much HOLIDRAMA! Then he learns that while all of it is a great gift, the best gift is the gift of relationship. 

Anna Dewdney rhyming sentences makes this book come alive with the spirit of the Holiday.  You can feel Llama Llama’s uneasiness and eagerness for the Holiday through her words and rhyming.  This is perfect book to read with your children, especially those that may be caught up in the busyness of the Holiday and even for children who may forget that family and friends is what makes the Holidays what they are.  This is even perfect for adults to read.  A book every collection should have.

Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
Published: October 1st 2010
Hardcover, 32 pages
Reading Level: 4 and Up

The aliens are excited, As tomorrow’s Christmas day, So instead of stealing underpants, They’re giving then away! Yes, it’s true! Everyone’s favourite aliens are full of the festive spirit and so they are giving away their beloved underpants – shock, horror! Join them as they help out in Santa’s busy workshop, put neon pants on Rudolph and tie knickers up in the place of stockings. But remember to hold on to your pants – this special pants giveaway is for one day only. Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!

What a fun book!  Continuing within the Aliens Love Underpants, Claire Freedman & Ben Cort have created a fun and joyful Christmas book, great for any child.  In spirit with the Christmas Holiday and what is means, the Aliens give underpants away instead of stealing in.  They even put underpants in Santa Clause’s toy bag!  

With fun and witty rhymes, the Aliens have created another unforgettable story for all children.  I love the images and paintings.  Each Alien is different from each other, done so in bright and mischievous colors.  You find yourself smiling and laughing at all their antics!  A must addition for every Children’s Books collection.  A perfect light-hearted read for the Holidays.