NaNoWriMo has been live for 3 full days so far… How is everyone doing so far?  Word Counts going smoothly?  Sadly for me the word count is going slow… my day job and classes don’t really allow me much time to write (I’m exhausted by the time I get home), so my weekends will be huge in Word Count (which will be nice to see). And of course, as I am sure this is the case with many writers, inspiration seems to hit right when I need to sleep or when I’m not able to write.  HOWEVER, any progress for me is progress – NaNoWriMo has already been kicking my but to write no less than 30 minutes a day so far, which far more than I would do in a week before.  So this is good. I don’t want to share the # of words I have written so far, partly from embarrassment of the low count and partly because I don’t want to jinx myself and find myself slowing down.  Keep the momentum going!!  But what I can say is a new secondary character was created who I am excited to expand on!

To get the juices flowing and to find support I’ve scoured the internet for resources and words/tips of advice.  Here are some of the best ones I’ve found so far:

  • Writing Tips, No.1 from GalleyCat: Read 30 Tips from Last Year – I found this to be very very helpful, especially as a first time participant and being overwhelmed by all the Tweets of people who have already written more than 2,000 words the first day.  There are MANY tips from last year that I am taking to heart:   
    • #2: Don’t Finish – basically don’t worry about finishing something, but start something, if not more than one ‘something’ as is my case.  For me the hardest thing was getting started so I think this tip really goes a long way to help people just getting started with writing.
    • #3: Stop Cliches – try to stay away from using Cliche phrases.  While I scoff at authors that use cliche phrases, I secretly love them when they are really rare ones.  However, this rarely happens.  Go to Cliche Finder to find Cliches if you are tempted to use them, and even get Random Cliches just for reference.
    • #13: Use the Online Graphical Dictionary – This is such a COOL online resource!  Literally you just type in a word as you would in any dictionary and you are given a graphical image of synonyms and antonyms (in all the grammar types – nouns, verbs, etc), definitions, and much more!  So, for example, one of my main characters likes to think of herself fashionable:
    • #14: ‘TK’ – instead of looking up facts when needed, write TK instead and come back to it later.  Looking up facts just creates more opportunities for distraction.  I am doing this but I am also Highlighting the word ‘TK’ too so I know easily what to come back to. 
    • #16: Use a Plot Diagram – now I know this seems so High School, but I have actually found it works.  I love this because it helps me stay on task.  When ideas that are not on task come into my head I just quickly write them down on another sheet of paper.  This tip even has provided a link to a very simple and useful Interactive Plot Diagram. This is a tool I am using for all my stories! But here is what I’ve come up with so far for one:

There are many more resources and tips out there and I will be posting more as the month goes by.  As always  

Good Luck my fellow NaNoWriMos!!