The past few months I kept reading about something called NaNoWriMo.  I figured it had something to do writing as it has been all the rage in the Book Blogging World.  While I love writing reviews I am also a Closet Writer.  I am not one of those that can write all the time and any time – I’m what you might call a “MOOD WRITER”.  I can only write when the mood strikes me, which is not as much as I would like.  After looking into NaNoWriMo I decided this is exactly what I need! I need to have something make me feel bad for not writing, even if it is bad writing.  I’m what Dawn’s Rise calls a “Pantsers” – I am doing this all on the seat of my pants.  

Ironically, while I read pretty much only Young Adult Novels, I don’t write them.  I do read quite a few Children’s Books on the side whenever I am at Barnes (I try to read at least 5 while feeding my caffeine addiction) and try to stay up on what’s “new”.  And that is exactly what I am going to do for this years NaNoWriMo.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating a few Children’s Book series for a few years now, I just never have really put pen to paper except just really recently.  Growing up my favorite book was Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women (and still is to this day – I reread it every year).  After discovering Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Portraits of Little Women series I immediately became inspired! It was fate!!  I first thought “Why in the world did I not think to do this?!”, and then after much thought (and I mean I was obsessively thinking about this series) it sparked that this series is written for Middle Graders.  What about the Children???  That is when I knew I had to write a Children’s Book series on Little Women!!  There were no “if, ands, or buts” about it.   – – One of the main series I will be focusing on.

My second series is about a boy who finds adventure in the backyard. This was actually inspired just last week by watching a boy play in his backyard.  That is all – simple and sweet.

The Problem… where do I begin? Where do I find the time? How do I do this?  I know everyone says to write, just to write, even if its horrible – easier said than done folks!  I have tried and tried and tried.  So I’m counting on NaNoWriMo to kick my butt all the way, until I hate it (which I hope won’t actually happen).  

So, Here are my Goals
* obviously write 50,000
* start & finish at least 2 Children’s Books
* work on my characters
* work on my plots
* edit only during the last week 
And for my Fellow Bloggers participating as well,
Good Luck!