Released (Agents of Evil #1) by Megan Duncan
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published:  April 1st 2011
Paperback, 260 pages
Challenges: 100 Books in 2011, YA Series

After a demon apocalypse kills their parents and everyone they know, 17-year old Abby Phillips, her brother, Carter, and friend, Max flee their home to travel through what has become the wastelands of America. When radio transmissions of a resistance offering shelter and safety cease, Abby is tempted to give up. Struggling to overcome life-threatening obstacles in their dangerous journey, Abby and her companions quickly discover there are much worse things lurking in the dark than they could have ever imagined.

It was sad to think just six months ago I was worried about who to go to prom with and now I was worried about staying alive. 

The earth no longer belongs to just the humans… demons are having their turn. Humanity is in danger of extinction.  Abby, Carter, and Max are a few surviving humans who hold hope of finding safety with a resistance movement in New Mexico.  While they know that their journey there will not be easy or simple, they have no idea what they must do, go through and learn before they reach their destination.

Could we really help give the answer to stop what could very well be the end of humanity? 

I have only read a small number of post apocalyptic novels and I am always very timid about reading a new one.  Too many times have synopsis and reviews depict such novels as typical, generic, and unoriginal.   Megan Duncan does not fit this category.  While of course in any post apocalyptic novel there are characteristics that must be present (death, solitary, demons, zombies, destruction, etc.), Megan Duncan has taken this to a new level.  

Abby is a unique character, and while it is really hard to put my finger as to why I love her, but I do! I fell in love with her character right away.  She is spunky and while she is a bit of a pessimist she is realistic yet hopeful.  Through Abby’s eyes you are given the reality of a world that is essentially alone….

While for some the lack of characters in a novel can take away from the overall enjoyment, I feel Megan Duncan did an amazing job in getting the importance of actually being alone in a post apocalyptic world.  In such a world you are not surrounded by people, you are not engaged in conversation all the time. Abby and her gang are experiencing this every day.  Then you add in the troubles of survival and you have a perfect recipe created by a master, Megan Duncan.

If I had to wish  for something that was included in this novel it would be more descriptions… physical descriptions.  You get tastes of what these demons look like and how grusome the world has become…

We passed by houses with lights still hung and deflated yard ornaments smeared with blood. I wasn’t sure if I liked the fact that there weren’t any bodies. No bodies meant they had been dragged off or eaten.

… but I do wish there was more.  Overall, this was a great novel and I cannot wait to read the sequel, Chaos, and Megan Duncans’ other works!

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