There were 4 book covers to re-create
In Round 1 the top 2 Book Covers for If I Die and Anna Dressed in Blood were chosen
In Round 2 the top 2 Book Covers for Dust & Decay and Blood Song were chosen
In Round 3 the top 3 Covers Will be chosen
In Round 4 the top 2 Covers will be chosen which will be the winners!
Now we are onto Round 3 of
Particular Halloween Bash Re-Create A Cover Contest
Rules for Round 3:
* Vote for your Favorite Covers below
* The Top 3 Covers will move to the next and last round
Entry 1

Entry 2


Entry 3


Entry 4

Round 3 ends Thursday, October 27th at noon (MST)
Round 4 will commence at 12:30 pm (MST) with the top 3 covers