I am very very honored to have J.F. Jenkins today, participating in the 1st Particular Halloween Bash.  If you have not read her first installment of her Dragon Saga you need to now, especially as the 2nd installment is soon to be out!
So without further ado I give you J.F. Jenkins!
I get asked a lot what my inspiration was for writing the Dragon’s Saga. Why dragons? Have I always had some great love for the mythical beasts? Where did this unique concept come from? Time to reveal my secrets.
The story for the Dragon’s Saga started as a dream. I’ve mentioned this before I think. More often than not, I have some pretty bizarre dreams. Some of them are vivid, and others are more like vague concepts. Those of you who follow my twitter religiously have probably noticed me tweet some of the more detailed ones. The Dragon’s Saga dream was one of the more vague ones.
It started with a girl who was chained to a rock and going to be fed to a monster. In fact, it was pretty similar to the story of Andromeda from old Greek mythology. She was a princess and her kingdom was being punished. Some time passed and a young man showed up who saved her from the monster and said he wanted her to be his bride. Having to choose between being eaten and living with a hot guy, she made the pretty obvious decision. He took her back to his home which is probably the most vivid part of the dream. He lived in a hotel, on the top floor, which was so large I’m not sure I could describe it. He took her to the window and showed her the city and promised to give it to her.
So how do you get dragons from that? Anyone who’s already read the book can see some of the events early on in the story happening in the dream. It basically served as a shell of a plot. I needed a monster, and dragons were chosen because I’ve always thought they were cool. I never obsessed over them necessarily, but they’re cool. Dinosaurs are amazing too, but that’s a whole other story in general.
But seriously, why dragons? Why not the Loch Ness Monster, a unicorn, a griffin, big foot, or a nematode? All of those could have been equally as interesting to write about. The story would have taken a completely different direction of course. I picked dragons though because I wanted to use a great mythical beast. One with elegance, strength, and intelligence, a creature what could easily be worshiped as a divine species but also feared. At the same time, I also wanted one with a gentle side as well. Dragons have always been depicted as being three-dimensional creatures with emotions and desires similar to those of humans. This fit perfectly with my plot-twist. The creature had to be able to love a human girl as a human.
I’m not going to call myself a dragon expert. In fact, I did very little research on the creatures to prepare for this project. Why? Because of my twist where I made them shape shifters. I decided to take the basics of what I know, and then make it my own. I created my own rules for a new world. That’s one of the great things about writing in a fantasy/paranormal genre. In creating your own universe, you can explain just about anything plausibly and thus create a unique twist on a familiar tale. Stephanie Meyers did it in “Twilight”. Melissa Marr does too with “Wicked Lovely”, and same with Maggie Steifvater in “Shiver”. Ambitious? Yes, but also a lot of fun. Does it always work? That depends on the reader. Some love it, and others hate it.
As a writer, I will say it’s a lot of fun to do. So don’t be afraid to add a twist. Just be ready to own it enough to make others believe in your world with you.
Again if you have not read this series you are without!  You need to go to Amazon and read it now!
Darien Oceina is the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord of the Water. For years he’s loved and cherished Tai Dawson from afar. Tai is a simple, ordinary girl who doesn’t even know Darien exists. On his eighteenth birthday, he chooses her as his wife. But there’s one problem: She thinks his choice means she’s going to be offered as a sacrifice to the Dragon Lord, but instead, she’s forced to move to his home, far away, to give up her life and be his bride.

When she first sees Darien after the ceremony, she doesn’t expect to feel anything but hatred toward him. The two are struggling with the complications of a new marriage when their nation is attacked by a rival dragon species. Together they learn to love one another while they struggle to stay one step ahead in a game where the prize is their survival.

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