Nikki is currently working on a book of her own and has graciously honored us with a teaser from her book, while describing her favorite Halloween Costume.

He was here. She caught a glimpse of the golden tribal tattoo that marked him as hers, the tattoo that he had long ago chalked up to a really wild drinking blackout. Luckily he had been partying when it appeared so it came to pass as plausible reasoning, not something triggered by the closeness of a being he couldn’t see. She had been making her normal rounds on that Friday night, it had been a normal sleepy town night with no work because no one was dying or dead. She had come to this party to see him, the beautiful man who haunted her thoughts and made her yearn to be human again. But enough of this. Tonight was her night to shine. She had bartered with her sisters, slowly collecting IOUs for a perfect opportunity to meet him at last. Halloween night had seemed liked the perfect opportunity. This had long been her favorite night of the year, even during the small amount of mortality she had been allowed before her life had literally belonged to the night. It had been years since she had attempted to transform, but she still remembered her human form. It had, at one time been considered quite striking. She had just wanted to check that had indeed attended. She smiled when his face came into view, no longer the charming jokester of old, but a serious business man who had only come to mingle and scare up some new clients. She gave a small laugh when she finally focused on his costume. Uncle Damien wouldn’t be flattered by this rendition of his glory days as the devil. He was always curious where the pointy tail came from. Considering he was the most beautiful man she had ever known, with the exception of Michael. She had to hurry. He already had the air of boredom clinging tightly to him since the curse that went along with the tattoo had set in. Once marked as a potential mate to her kind, they were unable to consummate with another female. She supposed she had made him wait long enough, but she had been a bit unsure of her old form. Would the markings hold true? Would they allow him to want, and to love only her? But that was the point of tonight. To test the theory. She had to leave now and go get ready. She floated high above the party, glancing at him one last time before she dissolved through the ceiling. She had a trunk of things she had saved from her human life. Assorted pictures, jewelry, books she loved, some clothing, and one really hot Halloween costume. She had paid an outrageous amount of money for it because it had been designed specifically for her form and couldn’t part with it when the change had taken place. It had been a demoness costume and it had hugged every curve and hollow of her body. She was shapely and it was hard to find something that actually fit, that’s why she had broken down and had it tailored. It was her most prized possession, and tonight she was going to use it to bind her heart.

Ooo this sounds good! Thank you so much Nikki for sharing.
* Disclaimer: this teaser belongs to Nikki from Close Encounters, to reproduce, quote, and/or for more information please contact her.
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