I have many interests (or what my husband calls obsessions).  One of these, outside of books ( I know, blasphemy!) are tattoos.  I do myself have a few tattoos (…almost in the double digits).  In particular I love tattoos that are inspired by literature and authors – of which, again, I have a few of these. 
Here are mine:

As you can guess I am little book obsessed (aren’t we all?!).  I am also a tea addict (among coffee – I know two opposites).  I actually have my tea shipped from England when I am not able to bring it back myself.  What a better way then to bring my favorite drink, and my 2 favorite books (Little Women and Pride and Prejudice) together?!  (placement: right shoulder blade)

I have a degree in English Literature, which focused on Victorian Literature, and mostly with Jane Austen.  I love how the filigree inside her silhouette makes it look bold while delicate, and timeless.  (placement: left shoulder blade)

This is a quote from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, spoken by Amy.  I think we can all abide by this when we start to work towards being happy, dreams, a goal, etc.  This in particular holds a lot of personal meaning as it helped during a hard time of a death of a loved one.  
So there are mine! I of do have quite a few other ones but they are not literature based, but more heritage (Irish mainly, and an Art Nouveau one too).
While tattoos are becoming more and more accepted (just not enough in my mind – still have to cover them up sometimes for work), it seems literary tattoos are becoming more popular.
Here are few of my favorite that I found while stalking looking around the web (a few of which I wish I had!):

** Disclosure: Images of other tattoos other than mine were found online – I neither know or own any of these tattoos