As I stated previously, YA Saves Sunday, is going to be a weekly meme here on Patricia’s Particularity.  The focus will obviously be anything and everything on YA Saves and how YA literature helps its readers (teens, children, adults, and everyone in between).  Each week will be a little something different: reviews, discussions, interviews, giveaways, tweets, etc.  The ENTIRE purpose of this meme is to promote YA Literature that HELPS others for many different reasons.
You might me asking if this is because of the WSJ article that was published earlier this summer… in part yes.  This article really put to light the ignorance that some people have of literature overall, but YA literature in particular, and it’s purpose.  While literature affects everyone individually, the WSJ article put a blanket statement that YA literature is becoming too dark for everyone.  You can read my response to her article here.
But enough of that.  Let’s get right to it.  My question for this week TO YOU is an easy introduction to this new Meme:
Why or How has YA Lit saved (or helped) you?
For me it has helped me, and in hindsight saved me, in many ways.  While I had an easy childhood compared to many of us out there, my childhood was still not filled with love and happiness.  Growing up in a ‘broken’ family, being shipped between two households, each with their own different set of rules and ‘caretakers’, anyone can become lost.  The lack of affection did not help much.  Before high school started I experienced some things that no one should, which I unfortunately do not share with anyone – too personal… but lets just say a life was lost. That being said I know that I still came off easy in that things could have been much worse.  YA Literature saved and helped me realize this.  It helped me see that no matter what happens life is worth experiencing and you can still see the beauty in people and life.  
So there’s my soppy story, if you can call it that. 
At the end of every meme I would also like to share a recommended read or two.  As there are just sooo many out there I think I’ll give a few this week: