I have decided to take that huge leap in creating my 1st ever weekly Meme!
Nervous? You bet!
Excited? Of course!
As you can guess this meme will focus on all that is YASaves.
As I am sure you have noticed I’ve been posted #YASaves tweet as they are tweeted. Unfortunately these tweets are dying down.
I want to continue to make sure that YASaves and its message is not forgotten… hence this new meme.
I am hoping that this meme will bring more awareness and discussion to the importance of Young Adult Literature.
Not only do I hope there will be great discussion, but there will be reviews and maybe even some guest posts from authors and other bloggers.
So here’s keeping fingers crossed, while I finish up the last few touches to this new Meme.
To kick things off I have a buttons you can choose to from to help promote:
(You can grab both of these on the right side —–>)