The Dragon Saga: Legend of the Oceina Dragon by J.F. Jenkins
Publisher: Astraea Press, LLC
Published February 21st 2011
Kindle, 183 pages
Challenges:  100 Books in 2011, YA Series

Darien Oceina is the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord of the Water. For years he’s loved and cherished Tai Dawson from afar. Tai is a simple, ordinary girl who doesn’t even know Darien exists. On his eighteenth birthday, he chooses her as his wife. But there’s one problem: She thinks his choice means she’s going to be offered as a sacrifice to the Dragon Lord, but instead, she’s forced to move to his home, far away, to give up her life and be his bride.

When she first sees Darien after the ceremony, she doesn’t expect to feel anything but hatred toward him. The two are struggling with the complications of a new marriage when their nation is attacked by a rival dragon species. Together they learn to love one another while they struggle to stay one step ahead in a game where the prize is their survival.

Dragons oh my!  I’ve never had the desire to read a book about Dragons.  And I never thought I would enjoy it as well.  J.F. Jenkins’ The Dragon Saga breaks the mold of all the stereotypes I created in my head about Dragon books – just goes to show you that you really can never judge a book by its cover.  

The Legend of the Oceina Dragon is a wonderful tale about the humanity of dragons with a splash of old world magic – they are not just beasts who breath fire.  Darien is a dragon while Tai is not, but the moment Darien saw Tai he fell in love with her.  He knew she was “the one”.  Tai is thrust into Darien’s world without a choice.  To be blunt Tai does not want to be in Darien’s world, but over time this changes.  Tai sees firsthand the magical and even happy world that Darien lives in with his Dragon family.  That is until trouble threatens to tear them and their world apart. 

While the novel is told between the two main characters, Darien and Tai, this is really Darien’s story. Darien is just like any normal teenager in that he learns about love, friendship, and at times just wants to fit in.  But Darien has a destiny that will not allow him to be just a normal teen ‘dragon lord’.  J.F. Jenkins use of the paranormal creates a magical tale of human quality.  While at times the plot was a bit rushed and I would have loved to learn more about our characters, J.F. Jenkins’ characters were real, despite their paranormal attributes. 

 I for one cannot wait to read what happens next in the world of the Dragons!  A must read for any paranormal fan. 

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** Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book from The {Teen} Book Scene in exchange for an honest review.