I am a huge fan of Blogging Authors; Where Writers and Reader Meet and Irene Watson, the frequent Editorial Guest.  If you have not perused this online site I highly recommend it!

Yesterday an interesting article was published discussing the merits of Book Blogging and whether it is ‘worth it’ for the authors: “Do Book Reviews on Blogs Give You Mileage?“.  This article touches upon some very interesting topics….

“It seems like over the last several years book review blogs have been popping up by the hundreds on the Internet. I did a Google search for book review blogs and came up with over a hundred million hits.”

I was curious myself and did my own search on “Young Adult Book Review Blogs” on a few different search engines that I personally use on a daily basis….

(Now just imagine the number of results if I had just searched for “Book Review Blogs”!)  While the numbers for each search engine are a little all over the place, it still can be concluded that even by narrowing down the search there are still many YA Book Blogs out there. In all honesty, no one human could visit every single one, let alone visit them on a daily basis.

Now imagine that you are an author, new or seasoned, looking for venues to review an upcoming book.  How do you go about choosing the right venue?  Obviously, Book Blogs are a guarantee for FREE press (positive or negative is to be determined, and a risk, as is any medium).  Many Book Bloggers recieve free ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) in exchange for an ‘honest’ review.  Irene notes that an author had opted out of a paid promotional package for free publicity through Book Blogs.

The concern here is not as much as if the books will be reviewed but the quality and results of those reviews.  Of course, sadly, some do take advantage of the ARC concept for free books without fulfilling the ARC promise of a review (that’s a topic for another discussion).  We have to be honest though – not every Book Bloger writes like Shakespeare with words that will resonate through time.  And while not every Book Bloger provides honest reviews, or even reviews of some quality, I honestly believe that many of us are very particular about our reviews – – we want our reviews to be honest, concise, moving in a way, all with the goal of sharing our love for the written word.  Now whether or not that is worth it for authors is a case by case basis; if the author is more concerned with sharing their emotions/thoughts/points of views or with sales – but let’s be honest though, sales are always great!

“I always question as to who actually reads those blogs.  Do the bloggers in reality have passionate and excited followers that can hardly wait to read the next review and order the book though the link provided?”

We all have seen when a highly anticipated new novel is about to come out, or has just been published, YA Book Blogs are flooded with reviews all on the same book. Myself, I will admit that reading review after review after review on the same book gets a bit tiring and I tend to stop after 30/40 reviews on the same novel (this is one of the reasons I tend to wait to review some of the more “current popular” novels – I don’t want to beat it to death; I don’t want my review to be one of the reviews after the first 30/40).    That is where are ‘favorites’ come into play.  There are a few blogs out there that I “can hardly wait to read the next review” featured.  These are the ones of quality, which in turn tend to be the Book Blogs that have the most followers and comments (just a fact).

Conclusion:  In my opinion, Book Blogs are worth it! There are always going to be ones of quality and ones that fall short in many different ways.  But in the end, while they do offer FREE press for many authors, most Book Bloggers are passionate about books, literature, the written word, and sharing these aspects.  We start our Blog for the sole purpose of voicing our opinion and hoping for feedback and new ideas and concepts. 

What are your thoughts?