Today is the first discussion in the Jane in June Read Along hosted by Book Rat. I am very excited! (For more information just click on the image to your right).  Here is the full schedule:

June 1st: First impressions + Chapters 1-17
June 8th: Chapters 18-29
June 15th: Chapters 30-42
June 22nd: Chapters 43-51
June 29th: Chapters 52-61 + Final thoughts

First Impressions & Chapters 1-17
Jane Austen is known for her memorable characters.  What do you think so far of the characterization?  Do any stand out to you?  If this is a reread for you, do you notice new things in the characters with each reread?  Do your favorite characters change with each reread?
I love her characters – even the ones we are supposed to dislike. Each one plays a much larger role and purpose than they first appear to, while at the same time fun to read and fun to dislike and love!  One of my favorites characters in all of her novels has to be good old Mr. Collins.  Where to start with him…. Mr. Collins is of course pompous, righteous and hilarious.  Jane Austen’s father and one of her brothers, in real life, where both clergymen – I see Mr. Collins as an outlet so to speak of some of her beliefs/views/frustrations/likes/dislikes/etc about this profession.   Mr. Collins character as a clergyman really stands out from Jane Austen’s other clergyman characters in her other novels.  
Mr. Collins also is a wonderful representation of how women were “treated” in the acquirement of property within their family.  We are talking about “Entails“. Basically, the purpose of entails to to cover all the basis, so to speak.  If something unexpected happened to the “man” of the household (the father usually), entails made sure that it was clear what happened to the property.  During Jane Austen’s time, “property” was not just the house and the land it was on, it also included everything within the home (dishes, furniture, paintings, etc).  Because Mr. Collins is the sole heir to the Bennet’s household, nothing is therefore left to the Bennet girls.  
Throughout the book, Mr. Collins, despite his pomposity, becomes more likable in the sense that he is hilarious – even more so the other characters’ reactions to him. Overall he is a ridiculous character in all the right ways!
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