Today is the first discussion in the Jane in June Read Along hosted by Book Rat. I am very excited! (For more information just click on the image to your right).  Here is the full schedule:

June 1st: First impressions + Chapters 1-17
June 8th: Chapters 18-29
June 15th: Chapters 30-42
June 22nd: Chapters 43-51
June 29th: Chapters 52-61 + Final thoughts

First Impressions & Chapters 1-17
Tell us a little about your experiences with Jane: is this your first time reading Pride and Prejudice/Austen?  If so, what were you expecting going in? If this is not your first Jane, what makes you want to read this again?
Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors and people.  There is so much we know about her and yet so much we do not know about her that she is a woman of mystery.  Anyone can relate to her novels in some aspect, and I truly believe everyone who reads Jane Austen finds something about her they enjoy.  For me, her novels are hilarious! No other author has every been able to do what she has.  
This is by far not my first time reading Pride and Prejudice.  I tend to re-read the novel every year around the Christmas Holiday.  I will say that out of all her novels I re-read this one the most.  Even though I read her novels over and over again I always find something new to enjoy.
Share your first impressions of the book so far.  What have the highlights been for you?  Any favorite parts so far?
There is so much to discuss about the 17 chapters… The Meryton Assembly overall has to be one of my scenes in Pride and Prejudice.  So much happens here that not only is fun to read but also shows the differences between the social classes and “prejudices” that were prevalent during the time. 
Of course we cannot forget the first time Mr. Darcy *struts* into the novel at the Meryton Assembly (Chapter 3):
While Mr. Darcy may have “handsome features” it is his “ten thousand a year” income that makes him even more attractive.  We also cannot forget about the famous scene in which Mr. Darcy’s beahvior is intollerable (at least for the moment – we learn later why he acts this way) when he says:
Ouch!!  It is Elizabeth Bennet’s response that really shows Jane Austen’s way with the pen and also sets up the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy for the rest of the novel, as opposites while at the same time alike in so many ways:
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