As it is obvious from the books I choose to review, I am a YA Lit addict.  But that was not always so.  I grew up addicted to Victorian Literature, in particular Jane Austen.  I was so addicted to Jane Austen that I got a degree in her literature, a few tattoos related to her, and even traveled to England to see her house.

When I’m not reading YA literature I am reading Jane Austen and Victorian Literature.  That is why I am very excited about Jane In June hosted by the Book Rat. Jane in June is a month long celebration (in June) of Jane Austen! How can you go wrong!!! Everyday there will be something new over at the Book Rat.

Jane in June Read Along!
This year’s chosen book for the Read Along is best ever Pride and Prejudice.  I love this book! But I won’t get into that right now (I have to save all my reasons for my P&P Posts).  Every Wednesday in June a new Discussion Topic will be explored related to Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen.

So without further ado I am going to get my Jane on!