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Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster
Published:  January 5th 2010

High school junior Brooklyn and senior Nico are trying to move past the death of Lucca, a pivotal figure in both of their lives. Lucca was Brooklyn’s boyfriend and Nico’s brother. Although it has been one year since Lucca’s death, the recent overdose death of Gabe, Lucca’s long-time best friend, shakes Nico and Brooklyn by reopening the wound of Lucca’s sudden passing. Soon after dying, Gabe begins haunting Brooklyn’s dreams. Gabe’s intent is not clear, but the dreams have a malicious overtone that unsettles Brooklyn. meanwhile Nico has his own supernatural communications with his dead brother, and the clear message from Lucca to Nico is that Brooklyn needs help. Nico reaches out to Brooklyn, and their grief and love for Lucca bring them together. But soon Brooklyn and Nico’s newfound friendship leads to deeper feelings.  (VOYA, April 2010)

Brooklyn can’t step away from death: just a year ago her boyfriend, Lucca, died and now her best friend Gabe has also died. Now Brooklyn can’t sleep: Gabe’s ghost won’t leave her alone. Lucca’s best friend, Nicco, who was also left behind by his death, is also being visited, but by Lucca himself. Nicco and Brooklyn find themselves reaching out for each other with messages left for them from the Beyond.  Afraid of what the other may think however, they keep these messages to themselves. Only when these messages become unavoidable do they discover their true connection to each other.

At first, I was tentative to read this book only because it is written in Verse. However, Lisa Schroeder’s unique style of writing offers a new way of reading. I was quite pleased with the style and plot of this book. While I would have loved to have seen more character development, in all the characters, I can see why this is not possible while writing in Verse.

I think all of Lisa Schroeder’s books are great for those who are tentative to read, particularly the Young Adult audience. 

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