Autism Awareness Month 
So what is Autism?? 
1 in 110 children are affected by Autism.  Autism comprises of many complex and different brain development disorders, including Asperger’s Syndrome and Rett Syndrome.
It is common for those with Autism and including disorders to have some difficulties with communication and social situations. This of course varies from person to person.  
((**I am not an expert on Autism and this is not an “offical” deffination but a basic overview comprised from many National Organizations))
Celebrating and Being Aware!
All through the month of April lets celebrate Autism and become more informed about it.  Autism may be a disorder but it is NOT a disease. It makes those with Autism that much more unique, special, wonderful and lovable.  
My way of Celebrating and becoming more aware this year is to read books written for both Teens and Children that focus on Autism.  All month long I will be featuring Reviews and Book lists that I believe to be perfect reads!  I do hope you all will join me and contribute your own thoughts and ideas! As I said, Autism is not a disease, but should be honored!
For more information about Autism here are some great resources I have found: