Captive (Need #2) by Carrie Jones
Publisher:  Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Published:  June 1st 2010

Paperback, 273 pages

Challenge:  100 Books in 2011, YA Series, A-Z Challenge 

He smiles. It’s wicked smile. Kind but not kind. Handsome but dangerous. Feral almost. I can see why Nick nearly killed him. Nick… I ask again,’Why were you in the road?’ ‘Waiting for you.’

Zara and her friends thought they’d solved the pixie problem. And they had – sort of. They’re locked away, deep in the woods. But the king’s needs grow stronger each day that he’s in captivity, while his control over his people weakens. Who will fill the power vacuum? Astley. He claims he’s different. He claims that it doesn’t have to be violence and nastiness all the time. Zara wants to believe him…until Astley also claims that she’s fated to be his queen.

There’s not way Zara would ever turn pixie. And she’s got good friends who’ll make sure of that. But besides, she and Nick are so in love they’re practically inseparable. But when the very thing Zara most wants to protect is exactly what’s at risk, she’s forced to make choices she never imagined.

Picking up shortly after Need ends, Zara’s journey in the Fey world continues. The Pixie King (Zara’s father) and his killer minions have been captured and imprisoned. If any new pixies show up Zara and her friends take care them as well.  Or so they thought… In Captive new pixies welcome themselves into Zara’s town, causing all sorts of trouble.  Zara and her friends have to deal with a few more Pixie Kings, in particular Astley, who Zara has to turn towards in order to keep herself and her loved ones safe.

Captive was overall more exciting than Need; there are more actions scenes and more intricate plot lines.  The characters are also more developed.  Most of the character development is spent on Zara, who is still a very strong character, standing up for what she believes in while struggling with prejudices once held.  Not a lot of time is given to Zara’s were-boyfriend, Nick, which was a disappointment (what can I say, I am a sucker for the romance bits).  I love Is and Devyn completely!  Is is very upbeat and always is loving and understanding; Devyn is a book-researcher-nerd after my own heart. Personally, Is and Devyn make this book enjoyable. 

So why did I give it 3 out of 5 stars?… Carrie Jones’ writing style is very quick, but pretty simple.  Usually for me this is a great thing, but in this case I feel it did the book overall damage.  I love the plot line concepts and events but I do wish more time was spent on the plot and developing the characters even more that they are.  I will admit I was a bit surprised by a few developments in the novel and especially by the ending (cliffhanger!), but I still wish the novel offered more excitement. For example, the scenes seemed to happen too quickly, making them less real and believable.  However,  I still recommend this book and series to all YA readers. 
My Rating: