That’s right… you read the title correctly.  This giveaway is a dual celebration of my Birthday on the 22nd of February and the release of L.J. Smith’s last Vamipre Diaries novel, Midnight.   Here are the facts….

Ends on March 12th 2011 
(unfortunately this is not International) 

What you will win:  
  * Vampire Diaries, Vol.1: The Awakening and The Struggle   
  * Vampire Diaries, Vol.2: The Fury and Dark Reunion
  * Vampire Diaries, The Return No.1: Nightfall SIGNED hardback
  * Vampire Diaries, The Return No.2: Shadow SoulsSIGNED hardback
  * The Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls
And last but not least…. a Pre-Ordered Copy of Vampire Diaries, The Return No.3: Midnight!!!

That is the ENTIRE Vampire Diaries Series!  How can you go wrong?!

To Enter:
To Enter all you have to do is fill out this Form.

Extra Entries: (included in the Form) – – there are many extra entries up for grabs!!!
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+2 EACH Comment on my Vampire Diaries’ Reviews (and not just “Great Review, but something substantial… a sentence or two):
      * The Awakening and The Struggle
      * The Fury and Dark Reunion
      * Nightfall
      * Shadow Souls
      * Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls
+2 Enter in L.J. Smith’s Black Rose Contest (closes on 2/28 – best hurry!!)
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