Having just graduated from Library School and now being a real “Librarian” I have joined the many in search for a job.  I am trying really hard to stay within the “book world”: publishing companies, book reviewing, bookstores, and of course libraries.  Unfortunately, like many, I have found it rather difficult to find that “dream job” available – of course not being able to move outside of Tucson, AZ (because of my husband’s job) makes things a bit more difficult and interesting.

HOWEVER!!  I applied for a job at Examiner.com last week… and guess what… I GOT IT!  While its not an hourly job or a 9-5 job it is something.  So here is the jist: I applied to be Tucson’s Children’s Book Review at Tucson Examiner.  So I do just that… I review Children’s Books and post those reviews on their website.  I get paid per review so to speak.  I figure I already do this, why not get paid for it!!!   Plus, I can go to Barnes, drink a cup of coffee, read a book, and say it is work – and that is the truth!!

I also applied to be Tucson’s Young Adult Book Reviewer but I am still waiting to hear back from that.  I am very excited. Once my Official Page has been finalized I will share it with everyone.

Another note, I have signed up to volunteer again at Tucson’s Festival of Books coming up in March.  TFofB is still pretty brand new to Tucson – its only been around for about 3 years.  But it is huge already!  I am kicking myself though, because I waited too long to sign up for what I really wanted: the Teen Tent.  However, I managed to sign up for the Teen Activities Area.  Training hasn’t started just yet so once that goes under way I will kep you all informed.  However, I have a girlfriend who is now working for them and has “enlisted” me to serve on a committee (I am sure more than one lol).  The first one is: Children’s Steering Committee.  This hasn’t started either, but will very soon.

To say that I feel opportunities are starting to open up and I am very excited about these new journies is an understatement.  I can’t wait to fully sink my teeth in this upcoming year and all it has to offer.