Tonight the US take on Being Human premiered on SyFy.  I’m a huge BBC Junkie and love pretty much all the Brit shows.  I was very interested when I heard that the US was going to make their own Being Human.  Even though I’m a huge fan of the British version, I watched this show knowing that it would be a bit different (minus the accents). So my review will be done without any bias from the original version (or at least I’ll try)….

1st Episode Review, There Goes the Neighborhood
A Vampire and a Werewolf move in together, with the goal of trying to have a normal life. If that wasn’t weird enough, the house comes with it’s very own Ghost, a woman who was engaged to the owner.  Aiden accidentally kills a fellow nurse, thus having to ask for help from Bishop.  Josh’s sister surprisingly shows up at the hospital, but still is not able to tell her that he is a werewolf, making her promise that she will tell no one she saw him. However, Josh finds himself in a very hard situation when his sister follows him to his new “room” where he hides himself during his change.  Aiden also finds himself in a difficult situation, being brought to a “vampire brothel” house by Bishop.  Meanwhile, Sally is still within the house, unable to do pretty much anything.

Overall, I found the US version very enjoyable.  I think I have a “Must-See” new Monday TV Show.  The first part of the show as very light hearted and witty, I even laughed a few times.  The second part of the show was a bit darker, showing the real troubles that the characters face. 

“You Wake Up From Your Nightmares… We Don’t”

Aiden (played by Sam Witwer) ~ A 200+ year old vampire, who struggles everyday with “blood”, as he is a nurse.  Sounds weird, right? Aiden hopes he can make amends by helping others and trying to save lives.  Aiden also is in a constant battle with Bishop, the leader of a group of vampires, who wants him back in the game “full time”. 

Josh (played by Sam Huntington) ~ Josh, also an orderly (and co-worker with Aiden) who was bitten and soon found himself a werewolf.  Now, he has hidden himself away from his family without any news and once a month he goes out into the woods.

Sally (played by Meaghan Rath) ~ Sally woke up one morning and found herself a ghost.  She can’t remember how she died and she can’t leave the house, no matter how hard she tries. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “We’ll have full moon parties.  We’ll invite the neighbors over and eat them.” ~ Josh
  • “You’re a werewolf” (Aiden) “Vocationally” (Josh) “Useless condition” (Josh)
  • “Are you trying to scare us with Bon Jovi?” ~ Aiden
  • “Are you two going to go all Twilight on each other?” ~ Sally
  • “We’re living with Sally, the peeper ghost!” ~ Josh