While checking up on some of my favorite Book Blogs I came acrross a post by [Bloggers [[heart]] Books] : “Books That Blow You Away And Other Things”.  This post really got me thinking about how people organize their books.  I’ve seen books organized by author, title, and even by color.

I will admit, I find myself googeling images of bookcases, believing that someday my Dream Library will come: floor to ceiling bookshelves INCLUDING a sliding ladder (I have to have this as my home is not large enough for a 2 story library). Sitting in a Victorian Brandy Chair surrounded by dark wood bookcases and thousands of books, reading by the light coming through a huge bay window or by the fire is my ideal Home Library.  We can all dream can’t we?!?!
Now back to reality…. Like many I love taking a step back and just looking at the books sitting on the shelves, knowing that each book has been hand picked and placed accordingly by me.  Of course, however, one can never have enough books – so I believe.  But don’t get me wrong, I wont just go out and buy any old book.  Just like my coffee, I am very particular when it comes to putting a book on my shelf, as I know it will never (so I hope) leave my possession. Not only am I particular about what books I buy, I am also very particular about how I organize my books, which I am sure many of us are.
I have 5 bookcases (I took over our Formal Living room and turned it into a “Library” – yes a whole room just for books!!! Squeel!!!!)…. SO FAR.  
1st Bookcase: completely devoted to Victorian Literature and the like (the top shelf is ALWAYS Jane Austen, and the 2nd is ALWAYS Louisa May Alcott).  
2nd Bookcase: Biographies (on the top) and then my favorite general fiction (2nd shelf-3rd shelves) and then remaining general fiction and some sci-fi.  
3rd Bookcase:  my Young Adult Literature (from top to bottom: vampires, supernatural (witches, magic, etc), V.C. Andrews, and then mass market (Buffy, etc.)).  
4th Bookcase: Elizabethan, Tudor, Renaissance (Shakespeare, etc.), Medieval literature and then my language books (mainly French and Latin). 
And lastly, my 5th Bookcase: this bookcase is what I call my “left over bookcase”….My ILS books (Information Library Science books from my Masters), my hubby’s MBA books from his Masters, knitting books, cookbooks, magazines, etc.  As you can see this bookcase needs some more love. 
I love to think of my “Library” as a constant work-in-progress.  And of course, I will NEVER have enough books.  Who knows, maybe one day I will have my Dream Library.   
So, taking note from [Bloggers [[heart]] Books], how you do you organize your Books and if you have any pics create a post and link to it.  I’m always curious how other Book-ites do it.