grl2grl by Julie Anne Peters
Publisher:  Little, Brown and Company
Published:   September 1st 2007

Paperback,  151 pages

In this honest, emotionally captivating short story collection, renowned author and National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters offers a stunning portrayal of young women as they navigate the hurdles of relationships and sexual identity. From the young lesbian taking her first steps toward coming out to the two strangers who lock eyes across a crowded train, from the transgender teen longing for a sense of self to the girl whose abusive father has turned her to stone, Peters is the master of creating characters whose own vulnerability resonates with readers and stays with them long after the last page is turned. Grl2grl shows the rawness of teenage emotion as young girls become women and begin to discover the intricacies of love, dating and sexuality. 

Julie Anne Peters’ book is very raw and moving.  In this ‘compilation’, Peters shares many fictional stories from girls and their experiences as Lesbians, Bisexual, and Curious.  While these stories are fictional they feel real, each overflowing with emotion. Character development in this book was done through their emotions and experiences.  Its hard to develop a character fully in short stories, and Julie Anne Peters does an amazing job in giving her characters their chance to speak, showing who they really are.  

I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone.  While the subject throughout all the short stories is sexual orientation, Peters takes you beyond that and makes the real subject “being human” and having thoughts, feelings, and emotions that transcend one’s sexual orientation.  

There were times I felt proud of some of the girls, others where I was furious and others where I felt sympathy and sadness for them. This book really opened my eyes, no just into the GLBT’s, but into human beings and women as they are.  

My Rating